Our Forums

Our forums is how players keep up to date with everything happening in Avalon. Let it be keeping up to date on the most recent attacks between Houses, or simply buying/selling goods to one another, the forums is the place you want check constantly.

Recent History regarding the Server:

A couple months ago the Avalon server was running smoothly. In October 2014 we were forced to switch from the Avalon title we currently have, to the title "Gallion". This was due to hackers that felt the need to attack the Avalon title and anything associated with it. We kept the "Gallion" title until recently when we made the change back to the Avalon title in mid-late January 2015. Our teamspeak is currently still under the Gallion title, but will be making the switch to the Avalon title very soon.

Our Two Owners are...

- Joshpwnstango

- Avacyn89

Our Current Staff are...

- Leefnut

- Loetje165

- walterdog12

- Backtoreal

- French_

- Haustoria

- Oreo_22

- TheTokyoFox

- Toohigh4this20

- xxSpaz_Addictxx

Our RP Moderators are...

- Dreaminspace

- Toodle23

Our Dev and Webmasters are...

- Electronicboy

- Jeelo_