Avalon is a world founded by men some 12000 years ago. The first men direct descendants from the old gods. As they dispersed and moved around the world the great houses rose to power, first the Valyrians, Then the Stormes, Redwynnes followed shortly after, Then the Barristens, Allyrions, Lynderlies, Kallroys and lastly the Nymerosies and. As time progressed the Great House of For fathers of Valyria built Avalons landing then, and went about conquering the other great houses. For 500 years they ruled until their dragons died off and the last know King, King Aegon passed, Now with no heir to the throne or power to defend it, the throne and Avalons Landing is up for grabs. House Redwynne created Anberly, House Storme created Wintersreach, House Allyrion created Calians Crossing House Kallroy create Haver Isles. House Barristen created Old Wyk, House Nymeros created Inkarraand the Lynderlys created Greenwood.

The Gods:

The Father, also known as the Father Above, is depicted as bearded and sometimes crowned. He has a judicial role in the pantheon, called upon to aid in judgement. The Father is also asked to judge the dead fairly during funeral services.

The Mother, who is similarly known as the Mother Above, is a smiling protector of children, mothers, and innocents. She is prayed to when a woman finds herself with child. During wedding ceremonies of the Faith, the septon stands between the depictions of the Mother and the Father.

The Warrior, patron of battles and soldiers, is portrayed wielding a sword. Faithful worshipers of the new gods will beseech him for victory in war or courage in battle.

The Wizened Crone is the face of fate, often seen carrying a lantern. It is said that she let the first raven into the world when she peered through the door of death. Worshipers implore her to grant them wisdom.

The Smith. Rendered with a hammer in hand, is the guardian of all things manufactured. He also fixes things that are broken, and as such is considered a god of healing and a protector of the crippled. Prayers to him seek strength for arms and armor, or good fortune when launching a new ship.

The Maid is the beautiful benefactor of young women, girls, and lovers; she is prayed to when any of these need looking after. Her courage is often sought as a blessing for young girls to help them navigate the dangers of growing up in the world.

The Stranger is the face of duality, seen as male and female or neither, and as human and not (some idols have half-animal faces). The Stranger is a wanderer in the far places, seen as the face of death. The Stranger is also the dark guide who leads the newly dead to the other world, and judges whether a soul is punished and sent to the seven hells, or rewarded.

Prayers to the Seven can also invoke other aspects of the gods, or seek aid from them in unusual quarters. A woman may pray to the Mother in order to protect her children in wartime. A man with a twisted sense of humor may light a candle to the Stranger when he is about to face his own demise.

The Old Gods. The worship of numerous and nameless nature spirits was brought to the First Men by the Children of the Forest. After the introduction of the Andals' Seven to Westeros, the spirits were dubbed the Old Gods and the practice of their worship became limited to the North. The religion of the Old Gods has no organization, clergy, evangelical movements, or holy texts, but some traditions are passed down by their followers. Various actions, such as incest and kinslaying, are considered offensive to the gods. Weirwood trees with faces carved into them, called heart trees, are considered sacred. Prayer, oaths, and marriages are often performed in the presence of a heart tree. The faces were carved into the weirwoods by the Children of the Forest, but their meaning or purpose is not completely understood to humans. Once all noble houses had a godswood with a heart tree in its center, but many families that no longer follow the Old Gods converted their godswoods into secular gardens.

With this knowledge we implore you to join the world of Avalon and refresh yourself of which house or peoples you belong to (choose when you join) Which god or gods you worship. Only you can remember your destined path and only you can rise or fall in this world of Avalon.