Server-Related Lore:

A southern kingdom on the shore, known for great gold mines, wealth beyond imaginations and a great ability in battle and in strategics. A noble house of lords/ladies that has been around for at-least 1000 years these Redywynne's are blonde of hair fair skin with a strong tall demeanor. Often in the middle of all political affairs and known for great exports they seem to have a long foothold in the goings of Avalon.

Player Posted Lore:

House Redwynne: Crown Jewel of the South

Long ago, Avalon was not as we know it today. Gods, mythical creatures unlike any we have seen, and other fascinations roamed our now settled continent. Among these creatures was the Griffon. A body of a lion with the head on an eagle, these creatures were known for their courage and value in battle. Our ancestors, the first Anberlians, used them as mounts in war until their extinction. When they first settled Anberly, they needed a patron animal to serve as the city's sigil. Naturally, they chose the Griffon.

After the first age, Griffons had gone extinct. The last ones died in a battle against the Valyrians (Who rode dragons). Alas, this was a time of grieving for our ancestors, and we had to adapt our way of life as a result. New war tactics had to be formed. It was a time of great peril for our fore-fathers. Nonetheless, Anberly powered through the hard times and by the mid-second age was thriving again.

This was the time when Anberly became famous for it's unthinkable wealth. One fateful day our ancient miners discovered a gold ore vein that is still yielding much gold to this day. This undepleting gold vein and the economical genious of one King Messala Redwynne brought our lordship wealth beyond compare. It was only until the establishment of House Nymeros that we had a rival in wealth.

By the start of the fifth age, Things were looking grim again. The Valyrians had nearly taken over our stronghold in Anberly, when Lord Fethain Redwynne rallied the remaining troops and pushed them back. We had driven them out of our city for good. There was great celebration in Anberly that night, and Fethain gained a spot in our book of legends.

This brings us to the recent age. After a near total disaster with our last lord we are currently rebuilding our once great kingdom. We are gaining strength with a new lady at the helm, and soon we will be back up to speed with the other houses. Let this serve as an invitation to all to come and partake in this great reconciliation, and let it serve as a warning to all who dare oppose us. We have been weakened, nearly destroyed, but have not gone down, nor do we plan to without a fight of your life. You can fight, you can run, but in the end all will learn to FEAR OUR TALONS.

Royal Colors: Red and Gold.

Sigil: A Golden griffon on a red flag.

Motto: Fear our Talons

Current Leader: tehcw1

Lordship Perk: "Gold Mines" - 50000 gold added to Lord Redwynnes account each month.


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