House Storme

Server-Related Lore:

The western most kingdom, of men directly descended from the first avalonians. They are the hardiest of men, strong and dark of hair. Fair in skin and followers of the old gods. They are keepers of The Knights watch as well and enforce the laws of that code. Often fearing the storms of winter and what may some times come with it. House Storme is loyal and always dedicated to keep their words true and their family close.

Player Posted Lore:

In the days of old...., Avalon was filled with the chaos of those who called themselves the Wildlings and The Others. Every day, more would come over the Wall and brought with them destruction, pain, and misery. But then one brave man climbed the Wall with a group of men behind him, and they started fighting the wildlings back. He is now know as the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, Protectors of the Wall. But even with the Nights Watch, there was still a Darkness in the lands of Avalon.... It comes in the form of Greed and Anger. This new kind of Darkness corrupts the minds and hearts of men and woman alike, Making them turn on allies and loved ones. Tis there no end to this madness?....

A man by the name of Arron Storme had come to the lands of Avlaon with the title of Lord, looking to settle somewhere in these harsh lands with his people. Winter's Reach was created in the Eastern Mountains. A few months after settling, Lord Storme caught wind of what this darkness has done to the Avalonians and was disgusted by it. "Allies of old destroying one another for the pure enjoyment of war, Lords of Bloodlust attacking small villages that have no defense, just for the easy victory. Is this what the Old Gods warned us about? Well it is time for this madness to fear the Storm of Wintersreach." And thus the Knights of Wintersreach was founded. These men and women vowed their loyalty to House Storme and to Wintersreach and her true allies. They were bound to one code and it went as follows....

-Serve thy Lord in Valor and Honor
-Protect the weak and defenseless
-Give aid to orphans and widows alike
-Refrain from unprovoked or petty violence
-Live by Honor and Glory
-Fight for the Welfare of All
-Eschew unfairness, meaness, and deceit
-All times shall you speak truth
-Respect the Honor of Women
-Never refuse the challenge of an equal
-Never turn thy back upon any foe

For years the Knights of Wintersreach served under Lord Arron Storme. They returned the land of Avalon into a time of peace and went against any aggressor. But then there was that fateful day... Lord Storme was killed by a man who was corrupted. Now it is the time of Adekin Storme to lead the Knights of Wintersreach.

Colors: Grey and White

Sigil: A Grey Wolf on a white flag

Motto: The Storm is coming.

Current Leader: Sordmas