Welcome to Avalon

This is a basic here's how to start guide for all new players to read! With this information, we hope you can have a good understanding of how to play, get started and succeed in our community.







We are incredibly strict with our rules to promote the very best roleplay experience. Testing these basic rules will land you muted at the very least but likely permbanned.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES.

Welcome to Avalon!

Check out the rules for an in-depth guide to all our do’s and don’ts! 

Avalon is a roleplay and kingdom war server, we’re excited to have you here! Read ahead for more information about Avalon, and how to get started.

A good place to start is picking your roleplay name. For choosing a name, stick to a medieval theme, you will be denied by staff if you ask for a name like “Ben_Dover” or “GG_OP_WREKDM8”

If you have any questions you cannot find the answers to here or in the rules, ask a staff member! They can be identified by the [Staff] suffix at the end of their name, and you can easily see which staff members are online by pressing tab.

Next, you will want to join a kingdom! The kingdoms of Avalon are based on a “House” system, in which either a Lord or Lady are in charge of their given house. Once a Lord/Lady conquer Avalon they will be crowned King/Queen. All Leaders have been chosen. To rank higher into leadership roles, needs to be accomplished through rp marriage or kingdom coups.

To see which house may be right for you and to read the lore, either read the lore on the website, or check out the wikia page on each House! (Found on homepage of this Wikia).

And if you’re not quite sure yet, you can scout out their locations on our Dynamic Map

Now it’s time to go about joining the house of your choice.

Kingdom leaders can be identified in the tab list by an orange name and a blue diamond next to it To get in touch with a leader who may not be online, use /mail send leadername message So, if I wanted to send a mail to Barry, I would use the command /mail send Barry May I join your Kingdom?

Avalon runs on several chat channels.

/l for Local, up to 100 block radius for local roleplay

/ooc for "Out of charatcer" chat. Used for general chatter

/Ic for "In Character" chat, Used for global role play

/g fot global chat. This is a Staff channel, Only use this when asking Staff questions or Declaring entry and assualts to Kingdoms.

Now you're in a kingdom. Great job! Your tasks in a kingdom will likely vary greatly from another in your kingdom and definitely in others.Do as your asked, attempt to be a good positive aspect to your kingdom, raise lots of cash and level your mcmmo skills so that you can progress in the ranks of the world! Make sure you're keeping in character. The more money, supplies and skills you have the more of a legend and higher your rise will be! Remember this server is only what you make it! Try your best to do what you can to enjoy Avalon and im sure you will have a wonderful experience.

Make money with the mcJobs plugin (/jobs ? for more information) Start a role-play event (check out the forums for upcoming events) Or even go to war! (take a look at the server rules before suggesting to go to war)

To further enhance your experience, take a look around /warp ranks at the ranks warp, you can find information about moving on up in the Avalon hierarchy!

The rest is up to you!! Good luck, and welcome aboard!!


Q: Can I just build a home in the wilderness? A: No! To build, you must join a town using the information above. This is so that we may preserve the map and keep it looking as lovely as possible! Everything down to the last dirt block was custom made just for Avalon!

Q: Why can't I go to the nether? A: The nether is disabled. In the past, we have found that people use the nether to create unfair advantages, and abuse our mcmmo plugin. You may find nether materials in each individual town. For example, one may sell blaze rods, and another may sell ghast tears!

Q: Can I grief structures? A: NO!!

Q: What's up with these weird mines? A: Each kingdom has a regenerating mine which resets itself every four hours. All the mines are stocked up full of ore, better get busy!

Q: How can my voice be heard? A: If you have any suggestions, please make constructive posts on the forums!