We encourage all activities to reflect you enjoying the game and the use of common sense is expected. 

If common sense applies to making a staff decision vs a player action, common sense will be held as rule and proper penalties will be applied.

  • The argument "Its not in the rules" will never prevail over a staff decision in response to your action/stupidity/potential violation. Be advised.

If you become a negative aspect we reserve the right to remove you from the community.

You must have a roleplay skin! - ie if you're a human get a medieval human skin!

You may not grief or steal from anything from Kingdom lands.

Do not use X-ray clients or texture packs.

Do not use Cheat clients or cheat mods.

You may not use Schematica.

You may not use any mod outside of: Optifine, reis minimap, Status/Armor Hud.

Do not use any excessive Harassing language

Do not use Hate-speech. Instaban!

Do not sexually harass, haze or bully any players.

Do not argue with staff. - Take it to the forums or message the owner for more discussion.

Do not make IRL threats, Ddos Threats or Rape Jokes.

Do not spam, advertise in any form or use CAPS.

You may not set your home inside towny claimed lands or anyones kingdom that is not your own.

You may not set your home in any server event regions without direct permission given.

You may not spawn camp any spawn points, Towns or other wise.

You may only attack respawning players if they first attack you.

Auto farms & Brewers etc are strictly forbidden.

Alternate accounts are strictly forbidden and can not change permissions to alt accounts.

ERP: - Don't ask, don't tell. Keep it out of any public chat.

Do not use global unless making kingdom declarations or in dire need of staff help.

No Hackusations - If you suspect someone of hacking message staff immediately.

No power-leveling mcmmo. - PVP exploits or wither exploits for example.

No underground or Golem farms.

No red weddings-attacking pre announced Role play events.

Do not troll role play events or disrupt local role play with immaturity.

Donations are non refundable. Any chargebacks will result in lifetime perm bans. 

Character Names:

Anyone may have a first and last name.

Ask staff for a nickname via /mail or ooc request.

Your character name must be roleplay oriented.

You may not be allowed to use Hollywood/famous names.

Your name must be appropriate and not violate server rules.

Only Lordships may add kingdom colours to their nickname.

Any name changes can only be acheived by character death.

Kingdom Rules:

Each town is required to invite members and treat new members with respect.

No more than 1 Assistants  to a town.

Only town leaders may ask for private signs to be removed by staff.

You may not force a user to leave a town or a leader to step down.

You must respect other leaders.

You must respect your town rules and leadership.

You must listen to your kingdom leader.

You must ask permission from your leader before leaving.


If you become exiled you will be sent to serve a week on the Wall.

If exiled all your possessions in that kingdom are no longer yours.

To become un-exiled you must for fill your time on the Wall

Executions & Bandits:

If you die via a bandit killing you, you may be jailed in a bandit's jail. 

They may then choose to execute you, or ransom you off. 

If you feel unjustly executed, you may appeal to staff. However, if you are bothering

the bandits beforehand, then you forfeit the right to appeal.

Lords DO NOT have the right to execute someone they take prisoner, excluding bandits.

If you are executed, your name and rank shall be removed, along with the following stats:





Server Build rules:

OBEY ALL LAWS OF PHYSICS.. NO dumb bridges and stairs

Don’t build over/on water unless a dock or Ship.

No Obstacles or offset turns.

No Mazes in general builds and keeps.

No staircases leading to drops.

Must be a natural, Proper functional Path/bridge etc.

Must not have inescapable paths or patterns.

No noob towers or boxes left behind.

Fall traps may not exceed 25 blocks deep.

Fall traps must have a visible way out.

You may not build bridges, farms and walls over Oceans.

Kingdom Keep Builds:

Keeps must look like a keep.. Googlewebs it.

Keeps MUST be approved by a staff member before battle.

Must not exceed more than 300 blocks from your claimed plots.

The Keep is the ONLY build that can be claimed as an Outpost.

Paths, stairs and door ways must be 3 or more wide throughout your keep.

The path from the throne room to the Keep must not exceed 75 blocks.

Must be accessible at all times from someone not using any armor or potions.

No water tools/mechanisms can be used as a trap.

Fall traps MUST not exceed 25 blocks.

You may use lava from dispensers however.


Farmland Rules

Farms Must be built into the landscape.

No straight farms, fit into landscapes


Roads must consist of cobblestone, stone, gravel & mossy stone. 

Oak Fence posts placed every 15b on each side.

NO DEAD STRAIGHT ROADS. Fit them into the landscape.

MUST be 5 -7 wide.


Going inactive for more than 5 days is a loss of your leadership rank.

Inactivity for more than 7 days for any member is an auto kick from your town.

PvP Arena:

The arena is a space for your to PvP with friends and other kingdoms outside of assaults.

You must wear armor in the fighting area or face jail time for up to 5hrs.

War Rules:

You must properly defend - Depending on the type of battle.

To properly defend your kingdom members MUST wear armor and engage the enemy.

You must not place blocks in war.

A keep must be approved by an admin before the war may take place.

To defend or assist any ally in battle you must have an embassy in their town.

You must also declare on the war post made to defend or assist that ally.

You must declare in global your assistance in whatever attack you wish to aid with.

Your kingdom must pay the war fees associated with each type of attack before publicly declaring.

Once the war is over there is to be 0 attacking/fighting after the declaration of war end has taken place.



- You must Try to negotiate an issue between a lordship once before declaring war.

- After declaring war, you may then declare an assault 15 minutes after war declaration has been made.

- Assaults may only be declared from inside your kingdom land. - Gyazo proof youre there when declaring may be needed. 

- You must MARCH to the kingdom youre assaulting before you can actually attack - Any set homes will be punished by making you a Prisoner of war.

- Assaults may last up to 20 minutes but are handled like a last man standing, The side with the army left wins .

- After 3 successful assaults on a lordship you may begin declaring Pillaging, Land Seige, and Open war. 

- All Declarations of any Combat outside of assaults may be done so in any kingdom lands.

- Staff must be online for a Pillaging, Land Siege and Open war battle.

- You must apply and be approved before declaring a Pillage, Land Siege or Open war battle

- Your lordship must have 1 successful land siege, and 1 successful Open war before declaring a Castle Siege. 

Assault Rules:

- Lordships being attacked must defend or declare retreat and pay the fees.

- Lordships declaring must do so in their kingdom lands

- After 3 successful assaults on a kingdom you open the door to more attack types. (success being relative to the idea of not having lost all your armor)

- Only a Lord/Lady, His son or his Castellan may declare an assault.

Pillage Battle Rules:

- After 3 successful assaults you may declare a pillage on an enemy lordship lands.

- A pillage battle is an attack on any farm land - NOT MINES - you wish to take over.

- A pillage battle must be applied for and must have staff on to moderate.

- Your army marches to the enemies farm lands and begins to fight the defending forces for the lands.

- If the attacking army defeats all the defenders they then claim the lands 

- The lordship may then salt/burn the crops by destroying the farmland and not replanting 

- If the defending army wins they charge the attacking lordship 7000gold.

- Both sides have 1hr to fight this battle after the declaration has been made

- If no party wins in that hour it is a stalemate to which both parties then cease all hostilities.

- Only a Lord/Lady, His Son or his Bannermen(Assistant) may declare an assault.

Land Siege Rules:

- After 3 successful assaults you may declare a Land Siege.

- A land siege is an attack on any lordship outer wall lands, mines, ports etc.

- A land siege is NOT a keep siege and can never be on the main keeps of a lordship.

- A land siege must be applied for and moderated by staff.

- After declaration both kingdoms will have 15 IRL minutes to prepare for war.

- After the 15 minutes of preparation the battle begins and it is a 1HR battle for whatever building or area the lordship wishes to take over.

- The winning side must hold the area they wish to take over for at least 40 minutes of that 1hr time frame.

- If the defenders hold it for the first 30 minutes the battle is considered a loss and the attacking side must retreat.

- If the defenders successfully hold the land and repel the attacking side they win 15000 gold from the lordship.

- If the attackers successfully conquer the land they wish to take over they then claim the land and or resource mine as their own and can use it for kingdom income.

- If the attackers lose they must then Repeat all assault steps before again declaring any Land Siege.

- Only a Lord/lady or Castellan(assistant) may declare a Land Siege.

Rescue Battle:

- Your lordship is trying to rescue someone thats a prisoner of war.

- You must declare a Rescue battle.

- Your army must storm their army jail, and hold their jail cell for 10 minutes.

- Your rescuing army and yourself must then escape the kingdom lands alive

- If you die in a rescue attempt your character is killed off.

- Staff must be on to monitor the battle.

- The Captives must try to kill all of the rescuers and may not kill the prisoner until he/she steps out of the jail cell or the battle is over and all rescuers have been killed.

Open War: 

- To declare Open war you must have 3 Assaults logged against that lordship. Then Apply!

- Must have an assistant or leader to declare and fight it. Allies will then be called and only accepted if they have an Embassy in your kingdom land.

- Enemy Must defend- If they do not they will get 1 reschedule 2hrs later and if they again fail to muster a defense they will pay your kingdom 1000 gold ingots.

- The Server admins will then run the event.

- If attacking party loses they pay 5000 gold per lord +100 gold per member in kingdom to the Defenders.

- After declaration is made in game you have 20 minutes to prepare.

- The winner is decided by the last man standing, Whoever's army survives wins.

Siege Rules:

- Must have 3 Declared assaults logged

- Must have 1 open war logged and won

- Must have at least 1 assistant or leader leading the attack.

- Must have at least 1 enemy leader or assistant defending

- 2 Reschedules allowed each 2hrs maximum after approval/1st reschedule

- If defense fails to muster an army, they will pay 1000 gold ingots + lose the lords keep.

- If attackers lose they pay the defenders8000 gold per lord that attacked.+100 gold per member in their kingdom.

- To win you must hold the Enemy throne room for 3 out of 5 minecraft days.

- If you win by holding the throne room you capture the keep!

-Must Negotiate terms at the end of the loss if both parties agree to different consequences (Staff moderated)

Coups: - Against your own lordship.

- Assistants of towns (Castellans) are fed up with their leadership and may declare a Coup

- Must have 1 assistant + atleast 5 other kingdom members to join against the leader.

- Once a coup is approved The rebelling members may not be kicked/items must remain in their possession until the rebellion is resolved.

- Coup combat is a siege on the main capital castle for 1hr the rebelling army must hold it for 40minutes of the 1hr to win.

- If the leader loses he is deranked and executed and the assistant rebelling becomes the kingdom leader - WITH Approved KINGDOM LEADER APPLICATION

- If the leader wins he may execute all rebelling members - forcing character creation

- The Rebelling army pays 7500 gold in fees to rebel the defenders pay 5000 gold in fees.

Rebellion: Against the person sitting on the throne!

- To rebel against the King or Queen 1 lordship must have 2 other lordships support and each must pay 50000 in war fees.

- They then declare a rebellion and siege all the additional keeps of the King/Queen if they take all the additional keeps they then siege the Capital castle and should they take that castle they de-rank King/Queen and may either remove the title or take it for them selves.

- An King/Queen may request to use any other Kingdom's Keep to defend. The Rebellion army will only need to take the same number of keeps the King/Queens' kingdom has.

- If the Rebelling army fails at all, the King/Queen may De-rank the leaders/assistants and make them pay anything else such as items, money, builds, additional keeps etc.


Gallion allows you to get married as a Role Play aspect.

to check your balance /money

To marry- /love you <name>   & have 10k in your account.

To divorce- /love divorce & have 50k in your account.

You must pay for the rank to enter into a royal or lordship marriage. 


If youre found guilty of a crime you may be jailed in the kingdom for a time frame that may not exceed 24hrs. 

Forum rules:

Apply Common Sense when Posting...

Posts are to be made in the relevant Sub-forum. Users that are consistently posting to the wrong sub-forum may be given a warning point. (i.e. Posting Assault Declarations in Siege Declaration).

Any form of hatespeech will result in a perm ban not only on the website, but in-game.

Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a perm ban.

Members are asked only to post in English, as this is an English speaking community.

Please do not spam threads with un-needed posts. You can post recruitment threads, but do not constantly bump them, or a warning point will be issued.

Do not post any personal information of any player. This will lead to an instant perm ban on the website, and in-game.

No excessive repetition of help requests. Staff will reply when they get a chance.

No advertising things that are not server-related.

No arguing with staff or other players over meaningless topics.

No "necromancing” old threads.

Post Appeals in the correct area (do not post exile apps on forums, etc)


Correct (kingdom name) Spelling on Declarations of pvp.

Staff reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time if they break any of these rules. Staff have the right to edit or remove any post that they deem breaking these rules.


Any Violation of these rules shall be warrant of a website point being issued (3 points and you’re banned for a week-two weeks depending on type of points) and a possible in-game kingdom point being issued as well.



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