The Brotherhood without Banners:

A group of men without a lord, living off the land, and known for being bandits, again serving themselves and causing havoc wherever they can. Often capturing royal hosts and ransoming them off for gold payouts or attacking caravans on the road.

Bandit Rules/Overview

A bandit may levee a tax on any road they see fit. - Use an army to route them, fight them or pay. - try to use roleplay negotiation before jumping into a fight.

Bandits may indeed steal horses from towns, but not kill them. - Try to find your horses or steal them back

Bandits may take hostages, and jail you in the bandit dungeons - Should you agree to it, via obvious rp negotiation, if you're seriously uninterested in bandit rp, just disregard and continue walking. - Frequent disregarding of bandit rp will not be tolerated however so dont think you'll receive to many get out of jail free cards. - If you do flee, the bandits can charge and attack you on the roads.

Bandits may attack in a town, un announced if the group is less than 4 men. Ie if theyre in your tavern and a bar fight breaks out they cant be penalized for punching your people,

Bandits may enter any lordship land they see fit adhering to your lordships rules accordingly, however they may follow very loosely

Bandits may not steal, or kill in kingdom lands via unwarrented ie in non roleplay or unannounced manners.

Knights/Armies may attempt to also jail bandits in their lands should you have a holding cell set up. - This may provoke stand offs, if beat ie killed you may throw them in the jail

- Anyone killed bandit or non bandit may keep any possessions they get from the person killed in the wilderness.

Kingdoms may not spawn camp or excessively harass bandit camps but may attack or poke at them occasionally. Assault rules apply.

Current Leader of Bandits: Bunch_

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