A Weaponsmith is a job for players that are willing to craft and repair swords for their town. Players receive an small amount of money per sword they create/repair. There are 5 Tiers for Crafting Swords, and 3 Tiers for Repairing Swords.

As a player crafts/repairs more and more swords/bows, they gain experience that will unlock the next tier. Once a player has unlocked all the tiers, they will still level up said job level, but instead of unlocking tiers they will increase the amount they are paid.

Tier 1 Edit

Craft - Wood Sword

Repair - Stone Sword, Bow

Tier 2 Edit

Craft - Stone Sword, Bow

Repair - Gold Sword, Iron Sword

Tier 3 Edit

Craft - Gold Sword

Repair - Diamond Sword

Tier 4 Edit

Craft - Iron Sword

Repair - N/A

Tier 5 Edit

Craft - Diamond Sword

Repair - N/A