Living beyond the Wall, they are at a near constant battle with the Nights Watch. Attempting to get over the Wall at any chance they have, they pose a constant threat. Attacks from wildlings usually consist of anywhere between 5 and 50 wildlings at any given time. They are ruthless, and follow no king. The current leader of the wildlings is unknown, but it is assumed said leader is the reason attacks upon the Wall have increased in the past weeks. The only thing preventing the wildlings from attacking the other 7 Houses, is a massive Wall made of Ice, and the few crows from the Nights Watch that stand guard, always alert. Though there are rumors that the wildlings are in league with white walkers, no credited eye-witnesses have reported seeing the two work together.

Wildlings can only be found beyond the Wall, and possess strength that can kill a man in only a few blows. Best bet is to let the Nights Watch deal with the wildlings, while the 7 Houses deal with more internal fighting among one another.